Great Barrier Reef, Australia

The world’s largest coral reef system – The Great Barrier Reef – is a sanctuary for water sports enthusiasts. Australia is one of the most existing vacation planning country. There are three major things to do while traveling here.

1. Water Adventure: Diving and Snorkeling

The Great Barrier Reef is best glimpsed through a scuba mask according to visitors who have gone to this area but it’s no small triumph to journey over the area’s dive spots.

Consider your skill level when selecting which regions to explore including the amount of travel demand and the trip distance in that area.

There are two most popular diving and snorkeling areas here:

  • Cairns Reefs

Cairns’ reefs are teeming with wildlife accommodating countless fish, humpback whales and sea turtles. These reefs are perfect for first-time divers and families for the short travel time (one- to three-hour travel times) starting at Cairns’ Reef Fleet Terminal and known to locals as the Outer Barrier Reef.

Great Barrier Reef, Australia

  • The Ribbon Reefs

These 10 narrow reefs numbered one through 10 are known simply as the Ribbon Reefs located alongside northern Queensland’s coast. The abode of one of the Great Barrier Reef’s most popular dive sites, Cod Hole can be found in Ribbon Reef No. 10. Cod Hole facet massive potato cod and Maori wrasse fish together with its chromatic parade of tropical fish.

The resident potato cod aren’t scared to come close to divers after years of being hand-fed by guides. For the months of June and July, the dwarf minke whales are sporadically spotted. Visitors enjoyed watching them.

2. Water and Land Adventure: Whitehaven Beach

The most photographed beach in all of Australia is the Whitehaven, you’ll understand why after one look at its white sands. Whitehaven Beach consists 98 percent flawless white silica that expands across more than 4 miles of Whitsunday Islands east coast. An Epoxy Garage Floor Company models an entire line of designs after the beautiful white metallic look that the beach gives off. Heat retention is prevented by these alabaster sands which only means while strolling along the circulating azure shoreline, you won’t feel like you’re walking across a strand of hot coals.

When you’re not doing your usual sports water adventures, take a brief hike to the Hill Inlet lookout at Tongue Point for selfies or and scenic vistas as recommended by recent travelers.

3. Air Adventure: Air Tours

Experience a bird’s viewpoint of one-of-a-kind sights like Heart Reef and Hook Reef with an air tour after engaging yourself on the reef. There are several high-flying adventures to choose from with the area’s profusion of carriers and available tour packages.