More Efficient With Small Kitchen Remodel

In a small kitchen remodel, we must comply with all the basic principles of designing kitchens and meticulously during the initial planning , and we must be creative. And the result will be very impressive. Although in the past the home studio is regarded as the home for a limited class of financial condition , social stigma is now gone , and the house of this kind is not only popular but also chic , especially in large cities , where land and property prices are very expensive. The average cost of a kitchen remodel.

We recommend that you visit the apartment sample units in various sizes, sometimes the architects designing apartment kitchen is very small. Another alternative is to join a tour by ship and peek inside yacht galleys , where the kitchen is designed in order to accommodate the needs of many of the crew, in situations where space is precious , and other considerations such as security must be maintained. Chances are, not only the general concept worth considering again when renovating a small kitchen , but may also find compact equipment suitable for your needs.

Designing a very limited space is often seen as a problem , not a fun challenge. However , many people deliberately chose a small kitchen. People who eat out often prefer a small refrigerator and microwave , toasters , and coffee makers. Nevertheless, these choices must be accommodated properly in order to remain harmonious design scheme. To note, most cooks prefer small kitchen designed specifically to accommodate their style in preparing and cooking food , where every piece of equipment is within the range.

For those who like to entertain but do not have a large kitchen , can design a work area on one side of the wall space longer. Kitchen with a size of 2.1 m x 1.8 m; breakfast table separate the ” kitchen ” of space , they can accommodate 2 -3 friends , there is a sitting and standing, while others cook . The kitchen is perfect, it’s just that the place is not sufficient for two people washing the dishes together. Installing the hood, extractor fan, and had a window that is open is very important, because the heat generated by the stove in four plus one oven would be highly disruptive in a small space, especially during the cooking process.

Sometimes the kitchen requires a more extreme measure and wider. If your kitchen space is too oppressive , you might consider to dismantle the wall and to unite the two rooms. If you are going to do it, consult first your small kitchen remodeling plans with an architect, to ensure that structural changes do not violate regulations, because now some countries apply the rules of strict fire and safety to the kitchen.

If the concept of open planning is not an issue, you should think about the impact of combining the kitchen with different space. Easy maintenance is a very important thing that you can move from area to area work relaxed, without the need to constantly be reminded to clean up first. Dishwasher can be very important because the dishes could disappear from view immediately. Another alternative is the entire kitchen hidden behind a curtain or folding doors , or use a light spot and the lights are low , so that the work area in the dark, while other parts remain light in space.

For people whose lifestyles conventional but has a small kitchen, can compromise with equipment adjustments, namely: stoves quite two furnaces, its single sink, refrigerator with freezer compartment, separate freezer not machines. Now many supplies multi – function space-saving; Double sink with optional cutting board table can give more workbench; flat -topped stove and strong enough to be used for dispensing food ingredients.

Furniture in a small kitchen remodel

Custom-made furniture more economical for a small kitchen, interior drawers and cabinets can be designed to accommodate the cutlery and kitchen tools. Bottle rack in the refrigerator is designed to be able to utilize the maximum space can be replicated to a spice in the cupboard. Drainer board can be replaced with a wall cupboard bare with the shelf above the sink drainer single.

Drawer units long, narrow, and can be pulled out, the height from the floor to a height that can be reached safely, also ideal for small kitchens, which often disproportionately high. Stemware more efficiently stored in a state of suspended upside down between two pieces of iron or wood, rather than put in a closet. Plates, bowls, cups, pots, and storage boxes can be stacked to save space will be. It is most prominent in the small kitchen remodel, namely: each item is analyzed and given a proper solution, where every inch of space is used logically.