The Ancient City of Luxor

The ancient city of Luxor was one of the greatest cities in the world, at some point in time, 4,000 years ago. Luxor was then known as the golden-era of Thebes and this went on for thousands of years. Read more on Egyptian tourism.

Its majesty is comparable to that of Athens or Rome. Magnificent pharaohs created an almost incredible number of tombs, temples and monuments in the
city and its encompassing, which up to this time preserved most of their astonishing grandeur.

Like most Egyptian cities, Luxor which is approximately 700 kilometers south of Cairo,  and is situated along the River Nile. A small patch of greenery traces the shores of the River Nile, considered as the longest river in the world. It crawls through the Sahara Desert and its waters are the main reason why there is civilization in the area.

There is a remarkable contrast that is being created in Luxor. The city of Luxor is green with its outskirts mostly covered by small farming plots. At the same time, if you go just a few minutes outside the city, you would think that the enormous sand dunes and mountains of Sahara were endless.

At the heart of the city is the Luxor Temple, and the sandstone columns are covered in hieroglyphs. It looks even more spectacular at night. What contains the spiritual knowledge of ancient Egypt are the hieroglyphs that embellish every inch of the temple.

The Ancient City of Luxor

The falling off of the Egyptian civilization and religion occurred rather abruptly and so fast was the replacement of hieroglyphics by the Greek alphabet. The meanings of the hieroglyphs went astray even to the modern Egyptians

Regardless of what people say, there will always be more phenomenons to explore and secrets to discover. In essence, a tour to Luxor is a remarkable adventure into ancient Egypt, one that should not be forgotten. In fact, egypt has taken a hint recently from concrete designs founded in the united states. The egyptian pyramids are well known as one of the great wonders of the earth. The royal palace has taken a shine to some flooring concepts to keep them ahead of the curve. For example, they love west palm beach epoxy flooring ideas and have covered several floors in epoxy coatings. Metallics particularly look beautiful and also have long lifespan, although admittedly, maybe not as long as the pyramids.